Vickie’s Bio

Vickie Coniglio, B.A.E. -Owner/Director

My desire to become a teacher started at  very young age.  I remember my role as a student as that of a very positive and wonderful experience.  I had an enthusiasm for learning, which was nurtured by my teachers and role models.  I still strive for that zest of learning and teaching; which I believe to be a life-long process.

My best memories are of those times when the teacher allowed the students to take an active role in the learning process.  I felt that what I had to contribute really mattered and perhaps did make a difference, for others and myself.

I know first hand the joys of teaching.  It is a wonderful experience to watch a child’s face light up when there is a new awareness and insight.  This adds to my passion that I have for teaching and interacting with children.

As a Life Coach, I have a passion for helping others realize their true potential.  I use my own life experiences, knowledge, insights, and compassion, to help others to become aware of the endless opportunities that life presents.  Having been on both sides of the Life Coaching couch, I know first hand the value of having someone who was ale to believe in me before I was capable of believing in myself.  I offer the same to those with whom I work.  I take great pride in watching someone who was once struggling, find their way and come into their own.

I know my role as a teacher and as a Life Coach is to facilitate learning and to teach through example.  When people feel that they have an understanding, loving, and supportive atmosphere in which to explore their ideas and concepts, the possibilities are endless.  It is for this reason that “where you come from” with respects to your presentation and communication of material, be it academic or otherwise, is of the utmost importance.  As long as I keep this interchange with children and adults, I will teach, learn, and grow.

Experience and Qualifiations

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and I am Certified with the State of Florida.  I have taught for several years, working with both public and private schools,  I have worked with Gifted, Specific Learning Disabilities, and Attention Deficit Disorders and have experience with ESOL, emotionally handicapped, educable and trainable mentally handicapped, and Dyslexia.

Mom1I am a Certified Life Coach and have worked within both the home and school settings.  I have developed and implemented behavioral plans for students and have conducted parenting support groups to assist parents to build healthy relations with their children.  I have worked with individuals in the areas of relationship, marriage, career, spirituality, personal goals and overall purpose and well-being.

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