The Benefits


Ivy League Educational Services currently offers services in Lakeland, Florida and surrounding areas of Polk County.  We Offer our services in the convenience of your home or other locations that are agreed upon.

Benefits to in-home one-on-one tutoring, parenting, and life coaching are convenience, quality of instruction, quantity of material covered and much, much, more…


Our program eliminates a family’s potential transportation issues.  If necessary, we will find an alternate location such as a school, a library, community center, or relative’s home in which to provide services.

We will schedule tutoring, parenting, or life coaching sessions and times that fit with your family’s schedule.  We understand the great demands of the working family and will do our best to make accommodations to meet your requests.



We will use your student’s school curriculum in order to help them succeed in the classroom.  We do not overload the student with extra work that could add undue stress.  We  use supplemental aids if a child is significantly behind in a particular area.

We provide one-on-one instruction.  Your child receives 100% of the tutor’s attention 100% of the time.  This individual personal attention and success after success, helps to boost self-esteem and build self-confidence.



We stay in close contact with your child’s teacher/school.  We work closely with your child’s teacher to create a program orientated toward your child’s needs and learning styles, be it visual, tactile, or auditory.  We will create a program that matches with their unique learning style.

In-home services will eliminate the embarrassment children sometimes feel when they have been labeled or put in the “low group”.  We teach in the privacy of the student’s home.  The fear of failure will lessen and students quickly become eager learners and are willing to try harder in subject areas that have become a source of frustration.



We understand the classroom challenges and atmosphere students with learning challenges face daily.  We ill find the right tutor and right plan for each child; from students with reading problems, ADD/ADHD, auditory processing problems, and dyslexia, just to mention a few.

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