Home Schooling


Ivy League Educational Services offers a Home Schooling Program that will evaluate and assist with designing curriculum, setting up of student’s portfolio, provide professional tutoring in any subject, and fulfill the end of year requirements.


We will assist with:

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Designing your curriculum
  • Setting up student’s portfolio and help maintain records
  • Professional tutoring in any subject
  • Fulfilling the end-of-year evaluation requirments

Reasons to Home School

A growing number of parents are choosing to home school their children.  Each family has their own personal reasons for doing so.

  • Overcrowding in public schools
  • Lack of individual attention from teachers and school staff
  • Level of education being offered in the public setting, but private school education is too expensive
  • Focus more on student “making the grade” then student progression
  • Religious reasons or personal family core values
  • Emotional abuse: bullying and peer pressure
  • Classified or labeled and singled out by peers or teacher
  • Parents desiring to spend more time with their children and families
  • Medical conditions
  • Professional and amateur athletes in training

And many other reasons… Whatever your reason Ivy League Educational Services can help meet your Home Schooling needs!

Parent Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities are:

  1. Send a notice of intent to your school district superintendent.
  2. Maintain a portfolio of records.
  3. Make your portfolio available for inspection by the superintendent upon a 15 day written notice.
  4. Submit annual “Data Bade Survey”.
  5. Submit an annual evaluation for each child to the school district superintendent.
  6. Preserve your child’s portfolio for two years.
  7. Submit a letter of termination upon completion of your home education program or if you move from the county.
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